Through estate planning services, we help build peace of mind

Estate planning has become a hot button issue over the past year and a half. With all the craziness during this time, estate planning has become a way for many to take control during these crazy times. It gives us peace of mind that, when we pass, our families can still go on. And, at Berge & Berge in San Jose, we focus on probate and trust administration matters, as well as estate planning. We provide individualized and attentive service to plan our client’s future.

Certified Public Accountant and an attorney

At the Law Offices of Berge & Berge LLP, we have the unique offering of not just having attorneys with estate planning experience, but also a CPA. Indeed, Jim Berge, our managing partner, has a master’s degree in tax law, is a California Certified Public Accountant, along with nearly three decades of estate planning experience. This unique offering of attorney/CPA can protect assets by creating plans that have been prepared to withstand all contingencies, like special needs trusts, guardianships, conservatorships, etc.

Planning for the future

We understand these are difficult conversations because it is hard to speak about our own death and the death of our loved ones. Unfortunately, it is just a fact of life, but we can help make that transition process easier for those that we leave behind. Plus, the estate planning process is also about planning for when we are still alive, but unable to make our own decisions, like if we are in a comma or mentally incapable. We have firsthand experience with caring for aging parents and raising child, so we understand the challenges these situations can create and how to help solve them through the estate planning process.

How we can help

Among many other services, the Law Offices of Berge & Berge LLP can help families create the appropriate trust for their needs, draft (and update) wills, name guardians for children and conservators to manage one’s estate. We walk our clients through the process to help their heirs avoid probate after death, and even probate if one is permanently disabled. We can also determine how to preserve assets and avoid unneeded taxes. The firm also can help draft comprehensive medical planning documents that outline how one wishes to be cared for in a medical emergency, including life support. And, we can do all this and still ensure our client’s privacy is protected. We provide the guidance our San Jose, California, clients need to meet their financial goals, protect assets and distribute wealth as they so choose.