Why you need to include a health care proxy in your advanced health care directive  

Many San Jose area residents have already taken the time to create an advanced health care directive. An advanced health care directive is an important document where a person writes their wishes about what they want to happen to them when they become incapacitated. One part of the advanced health care directive is the health care proxy. Choosing the right person to be a health care proxy is important.

There are many important roles a health care proxy may have to perform. These include:

  • Selecting and authorizing various medical tests
  • Transferring a person to their doctor or hospital
  • Getting second opinions on a diagnosis
  • Discussing treatment options with doctors
  • Deciding whether to keep the person on life support

Choosing a healthcare proxy is an important decision. Typically, a person should choose someone who is younger than them and lives nearby. They should be someone trustworthy and someone who understands a person’s healthcare wishes.

Estate planning and health care

A legal professional who is skilled in estate planning can help make sure their client has all of their estate plan in place. They can advise their client on what may need updating or what they should add. They can offer compassionate and personalized attention to help plan for their client’s future. They can also offer suggestions as to choosing health care proxies, powers of attorney, fiduciaries, etc. Those who have an estate plan understand the gift that they are leaving their loved ones knowing that their wishes will be followed, and a plan is in place.