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Reasons to Challenge a Will
Although 99 percent of wills go through probate unchallenged, those that are successfully challenged are usually challenged on the grounds that the testator was lacking cognitive capacity or was unduly influenced to change the will.

Call for Law Reform to Help Families Step in When Elders Get Scammed Online
As more and more older citizens begin using the internet, they may unwittingly become targets for new scams.

California Attorney General Announces Collaboration with AARP to Protect Seniors
The Attorney General announced a new collaboration with AARP California to focus on educating seniors, their families and the general public about elder abuse and fraud laws designed specifically to protect those who are 50 and over.

Young People Need Estate Planning Too
Sudden, unexpected incapacities or deaths occur regardless of age. Young people should make decisions about their future medical care, distribution of their assets and sentimental belongings, and control of their social media accounts early in their lives.

A Victory for Common Sense in California: Court Allows Reformation of Unambiguous Will
A man's handwritten will stipulated that his assets be left to his wife if he predeceased her and that, in the event of their simultaneous death, his assets go to certain stipulated charities. He made no provision, however, for his wife predeceasing him, which is what occurred. Though, upon his death, two lower courts ruled that other relatives were entitled to inherit, the California Supreme Court overturned previous decisions, ruling that his assets should go to the stipulated charities, as he obviously intended.

The Peter Falk Bill
The daughter of Colombo star, Peter Falk, is fighting for a bill affecting the rights given to adult children when their parents are subject to a conservatorship in California.

Newport Beach Man Accused of Ponzi Scheme
A scheme that allegedly defrauded investors and banks of more than $13.5 million involves charges of financial elder abuse.

California Insurance Agent Charged With Financial Elder Abuse
A former insurance agent faces five years in state prison if convicted of charges that she sold policies to elderly consumers but stole their premiums without procuring the insurance.

Children of Deceased Couple Fight for Control of Estate
An elderly couple was found dead in their La Verne home late last year, and now their children are embroiled in a legal dispute. The husband and wife had children from prior marriages, and one has filed a fraud and elder abuse case.

Elder Abuse Isn't Limited to Abuse from Caregivers
When most people think of elder abuse, they think of seniors being abused by caregivers but a number of recent studies have shed light on resident to resident attacks which can pose serious dangers to the elderly population residing in long-term care facilities.

Celebrities' Estate Stories Can Provide a Lesson
Even celebrities have issues when it comes to estate planning. We can learn what not to do when it comes to our estate plans from their mistakes.

Estate Planning and Elder Law News

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