Comprehensive Will Drafting For Your Needs And Wishes

If you are considering a will, you may be familiar with its purpose of assigning your valuables to your chosen beneficiaries after your passing. What you may not know is that wills serve many other purposes in addition to property distribution.

The seasoned attorneys at Berge & Berge in West San Jose can use the law to help you determine the full extent of your wishes after you are gone. With a master’s in tax law, our founding attorney, Jim Berge, (pronounced burr-ghee) is a California CPA with over 25 years of experience as an estate planning specialist. He also has firsthand experience with aging parents and wants to help you legally make your wishes known to your loved ones in the event of your incapacitation or death.

What Does A Will Do?

While a will names what will be given to whom upon your passing, it can serve a variety of other purposes as well, all of which regard your wishes.

A will may also:

  • Designate an executor and/or trustee
  • Name a guardian, or guardians, for your minor children
  • Establish a special needs trust, often to hold an inheritance until a beneficiary has reached a certain age or for a loved one with special needs

As part of our firm’s estate planning services, our lawyers can help you draft a will which meets your needs and your wishes.

Draft Your Will With Professional Tax And Legal Representation

At Berge & Berge, we can provide the legal guidance and tax knowledge you need to properly draft your will. Our compassionate staff and expertise in estate planning, conservatorship and guardianship services offered at our San Jose firm can also help you navigate through more complex decisions. We serve clients throughout the south San Francisco Bay Area.

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