The LifePlan Program

At the Law Offices of Berge & Berge, we offer a unique concierge service to our estate planning clients.  LifePlan is a program that allows you to maintain and update your estate planning documents for a set price and entitles you to a variety of other benefits.  

LifePlan is like a legal insurance policy.  Once your estate planning documents are executed, you enroll in LifePlan for a set price of either $350 a year for a single individual or $425 a year for a married couple.  For this low premium, you are entitled to a yearly consultation with our LifePlan manager to discuss basic changes to your estate plan.  Your estate plan could need to be modified for three reasons: changes in your personal life, changes in your finances and changes in the law.  At your yearly review, you can inform the LifePlan manager of any changes in your personal or financial life.  We will make the necessary modifications to your documents including those that are needed due to changes in the law.

At any other firm, minor modifications to your plan could cost you a significant amount of money. At the Law Offices of Berge & Berge, if you enroll in LifePlan, we will update your documents on a yearly basis for a small premium.  Please note, this service does not include major changes or amendments to your plan, but that these additional services will be provided at a discounted rate.  This discount is among the many other benefits of LifePlan which include free phone calls with any of our staff members, free workshops and educational seminars, annual registration of your advanced health care directives with a national agency and a 10% discount on meetings with staff members other than the LifePlan manager.  

At the Law Offices of Berge & Berge we want to have a lifelong relationship with our clients.  We want you to know that you can count on us for quality service and helpful advice at any time during the estate planning or administration process.  Having a longstanding and active relationship with your attorney can facilitate a smooth transition into the distribution of your assets after your death and ensure that your estate is handled as accurately as possible, making things easier for your loved ones and beneficiaries during this trying time.  By enrolling in LifePlan, you are taking a step towards building this relationship. 

If your estate planning documents have already been executed, you can enroll in LifePlan using the documents below:

LifePlan Enrollment Form

Print this form, fill out the required information and return it to our firm along with your payment to enroll in LifePlan.

LifePlan Program Terms and Conditions

Click here to discover what is and is not included in the LifePlan service.

LifePlan Membership Benefits Table

Click here for a detailed description of the services included in your LifePlan enrollment.  

2018 Calendar and Course Descriptions

Click here for a schedule of the workshops, seminars and other events included in your LifePlan enrollment.



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