The broad-based utility of sound and tailored estate planning


That is what some individuals in the South Bay Area and elsewhere across California tend to do when it comes to consulting with a proven attorney and crafting a proactive and protective estate planning strategy.

The reasons for initial disinclination on the planning front are myriad and varied. Some would-be planners view – in good faith but mistakenly – that planning generally applies only to a senior-aged population concerned with asset preservation and the passage of wealth to future generations. Others think that drafting a will is all there is to planning, and that can be done anytime. Many young people can’t fathom at all why they should focus upon planning matters.

Here is a bottom-line truth regarding estate planning that legions of planners come to deeply appreciate: It commands broad-based applicability for virtually every demographic, along with a demonstrated power to promote key life goals across many dimensions.

We duly underscore that impressive utility on our website at the established estate planning and administration Law Offices of Berge & Berge in San Jose. We stress therein that a tightly tailored planning strategy can help an individual “maintain control over assets, health care, personal care and long-term care decisions.”

In short, timely and effective planning embraces matters ranging from asset maintenance and inheritances to lawful tax avoidance and gifting/charitable strategies. It centrally addresses the special needs of loved ones and the careful appointment of trusted third parties tasked with making key financial and health-linked decisions in the event of a planner’s incapacity. It focuses on guardianship/conservatorship matters when necessary.

Fundamentally, it marks a necessary forward-looking thinking that promotes peace of mind for individuals, families and other loved ones concerning life’s most important issues and challenges.

We will have more to say about that in future posts. We welcome readers to our blog forum and contacts to our firm, as well as the opportunity to provide our audience with subject matter we hope you find timely, engaging and personally meaningful.