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Paralegal Amy has been with Berge & Berge for over 10 years. Amy has stayed with Berge & Berge for so long because it offers a solid workplace and a family atmosphere. Amy helps clients with trust administration after a death in the family

Kim has been with Berge & Berge since 2012. Kim works in Trust Maintenance as a (LifePlan) Program Coordinator. She gets to know clients and enjoys volunteering at church, researching genealogy and traveling.

Cindy has over a decade of probate paralegal experience at Berge & Berge and over 35 years of legal experience. She consults, prepares and initiates court filings, which includes probates of estates, spousal property procedures, limited and general conservatorships and guardianships. She also prepares fiduciary court accountings, for both living trusts and forensic accountings for court approval. She continues her education through the California State Bar Association with an emphasis in probate law. Cindy is always willing to do what it takes to make it work. Talk with Cindy anytime about her passions: walking, theater and travel.

Victoria performs annual estate plan reviews with our Trust Maintenance (LifePlan) clients. She started at the firm in 2013 and has stayed because of the caring, quality-focused environment. She can help you review your estate plan to make sure all the details are in place and your wishes are accurately reflected. She understands the stages of estate planning because she has both a college age child and a 98-year-old mother (in addition to an 8-year-old Welsh Corgi). She loves animals, hiking and travel.

As a paralegal with over five years of experience with the Trust Maintenance (LifePlan) Program, Tricia can answer your questions and explain the trust process. Tricia says that the firm’s friendly attitude and helpful disposition, combined with vast knowledge and experience, are what make Berge & Berge a great team. Talk to Tricia about her two grown children or her travels to India, Nepal, Thailand, Russia, Croatia, Slovenia, Malaysia, Peru, Belize, Morocco and Europe.

When you come to our firm, you may be greeted by administrative assistant Kathy. Kathy can get you the information you need for basic questions and connect you with the right person for the right service. A dog lover, Kathy also roots for the Golden State Warriors.

Office and business manager Carla will soon celebrate a decade with Berge & Berge. She believes the expertise and approachability of the attorneys, the professionalism and knowledge of the staff, and the flexibility of the firm to meet client needs are what set our firm apart from other estate planning firms. Carla is always up for a conversation about books, gardening and hiking. As the daughter of a Navy P-3 pilot, she lived in nine different places by the time she was twelve years old. She acclimates quickly to new situations and new people and is ready to make sure your needs are met.

For information about our attorneys, click the attorney links on the About Us page.

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