Trust Administration

Attorney Guidance For Your Trust Administration Process

Though professional trust administrators may be involved in certain situations, many people choose to designate a trusted family member or friend to oversee an estate upon incapacitation or death. If a loved one named you as a trustee, you may need attorney guidance to carry out the wishes of the grantor. Though most of your trust management will take place after his or her passing, you may have some work to do while he or she is still living to carry forth his or her wishes accordingly.

At Berge & Berge, we use the law to help you understand your duties and properly fulfill your requirements according to the wishes of your loved one.

Assisting You With Administering A Trust

Though a trust may seem clear-cut, you may still need assistance in administering it. Our lawyers represent a trustee through the distribution of his or her property and, in some cases, advise on the gradual distribution of assets.

In regard to administering a trust, our attorneys and paralegals can help you:

  • Handle paperwork
  • Notify beneficiaries
  • Catalog the property involved in the trust
  • Manage conflict among beneficiaries

We can also provide sound guidance to protect your liability in trust administration matters as you administer an estate accordingly.

Call Today For Compassionate And Experienced Guidance

If you are responsible for administering a loved one’s trust, we can help you understand your duties and implement his or her wishes in accordance with the law. Our founding attorney Jim Berge (pronounced burr-ghee) has over 25 years of legal experience in addition to his master’s in tax law.

Jim is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in California. Through his work with his own elderly parents, Jim holds firsthand knowledge of the need for proper estate planning services and will bring his patience and compassion to helping you navigate through your unique situation.

To arrange an initial consultation with our West San Jose office, call our firm at (408)985-9918 or contact us online. We have been serving the trust administration needs of our southern San Francisco Bay Area clients for over 25 years.